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Did You Know ... Glass Funnels


Borosil® Glass Funnels are typically used in laboratory processes rather than metal or plastic, as the glass does not react with chemicals  -  Solvents are known to deteriorate some plastic or metal funnels.

In addition, the narrow bottoms of Borosil® Glass Funnels allow liquids to be added to chemical mixtures at a slow pace.

Not All Scientific ... Drinks Anyone ?

Looking for a more interesting approach for Drinks Service?Did you know, Borosil® Erlenmeyer Flasks have become increasingly popular with cafes and restaurants?Using the flasks as a Carafe alternative, the clearly marked graduations allow accurate dispensing of your beverages.Check out the Borosil® range of laboratory glassware to liven up the table at your next occasion.

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Did You Know ....

Did you know who created the Erlenmeyer Flask?... It was created by Emil Erlenmeyer in the 1860's to help scientists have a better way of mixing, pouring and storing chemicals!Borosil® Glassware offers a wide range of Flasks for a variety of applications. They are designed to deliver the best combination of thermal shock resistance, physical strength and [...]

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Did You Know .....

The common Low Form Beaker with spout was devised by John Griffin and also called the "Griffin Beaker"Check out the Borosil® range of Low Form Beakers today!

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Borosil® Measuring Cylinders - How are they built to last?

Simple - Borosil® Measuring Cylinders are made from specially drawn 3.3 low expansion Borosilicate glass tubing, resulting in heavy, uniform walls. In addition, each Cylinder has a strong, hexagonal base for greater stability on your laboratory workbench.Borosil®  Measuring Cylinders serve to simultaneously receive and measure different amounts of liquids, with easy to read, amber enamelled graduations for assured accuracy. Their perfect spout [...]

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Drip Free Pouring from your Reagent Bottle

Borosil® Laboratory Reagent bottles are chemically resistant and stable. When fitted with a plastic pouring ring, dripping can be totally eliminated.As there is only one size of screw thread for all bottles from 100 ml onwards in the Borosil® range, the screw caps and pouring rings are fully interchangeable. In addition, the bottles, pouring rings and caps are autoclavable and sterilizable.Available in either Clear [...]

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Why Choose Borosil® Beakers?

Whether it is research, industry or education, Borosil® Beakers have a wide range of applications. This simple container is used for stirring, mixing and heating liquids. Borosil® Glassware Beakers offer a quality product at competitive pricing. Controlled wall thickness at the sides, radius and base ensures a fine balance between the thermal resistance and mechanical strength to enable a high level [...]

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